Fierce Spiritual Battle

September 12, 2015

Mark 5:9 “Then Jesus asked him, 'What is your name?'' My name is Legion,' he replied, 'for we are many.'"


In 2004, we started to experience fierce spiritual battles as we opened our school in Guinea. When one of the co-workers experienced the attack from the evil spirit, the enemy spoke in a different man's voice and revealed his name as “Legion”, just like in the book of Mark. For next three years, we engaged in the spiritual battles that were so fierce.


To make the story short, I will testify what happened on last Thursday night and will ask you to pray with us. At night, our house doorbell rang, and I was informed that one of the volunteers just screamed and fell down on the ground and she is in a critical condition. When I walk into the girl dorm, little children were hurtled together in the hallway terrified. 


I walked into the room where the volunteer was lying. She was unconscious and covered in a blanket that was soaked in her sweats. Time to time, she made a strange eerily sound. I was afraid that I might lose her; I feared that she will die in front of me. She looked like a woman in a coma condition which I had seen before.


I put my hand on her head and quietly but firmly commanded, “In the name of Jesus, I command you GO away.” I repeated it 7-8 times continually and asked the Lord, “Jesus, help her. Open her eyes.”


There were four volunteers were around me. One of them had the same experience about eight years ago. For her, the spiritual battle took three long days. The evil spirit tortured her so much that she was rolling on the floor for three days. On the third, she could not recognize people around her, and she was extremely weak. Moreover, she lost her sight. When I walked in to pray for her, she poignantly asked me to pray for her with my hands on her head. So I simply place my hand over her head and quietly command, “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, evil spirit. Come out and never return to her again.” Then I prayed, “Lord Jesus open her eyes.” At that very moment her closed eyes were opened and regain her sight.


It seems like the same Legion is attacking us again. This time the battle didn't take long. After about five minutes of prayer, the new volunteer opened her eyes after rolling her eyes around and around for a while. Then I urged her to pray, “Jesus, help me.” But she could not immediately repeat the prayer. But after a few minutes later, she slowly prayed to Jesus, “Je....sus...... hel...p.... me.” Praise the Lord!


I instructed other volunteers to read scriptures together with her and pray for a while. Then I came out of the room and went to the terrified girls. “She is awake and well. Don't be afraid but believe and pray. Jesus will protect us.” I comforted them with these words.


Legion will continue to fight against us, but he cannot stop us because Jesus is with us. We will continue to stand on our ground to fight the battles until the end. Pray with us. We came down to Conakry, the capital city to replenish our supplies. Pray also for the safe journey.



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