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Following will lead us to experience God.  Christians are born in Christ by faith and through grace. We cannot be Christians without Christ.  


Followers, on the other hand, are the Christians who trained themselves in godliness so that they can walk with God as they listen and talk with Him.  It is called Reality Time (RT) when you spend real time with God in the morning.



How do we follow Christ?



1. Making a Daily Appointment with God.


Without starting each morning with God, you cannot follow Christ. Set a time and a place to meet the living God alone. Make sure that this is the first appointment for the day.  



2. Prayer and Word


During the appointment, you must speak to Him in prayer, and then listen to what He says to you in His words, the Bible.


a. Begin with a short prayer: "Lord Jesus, speak to me."


b. Then read a short passage several times and listen to God in His written Words. (We use our RT passages daily to read God's word. You are welcome to use it. Click on the link.)


c. Finally, Write it down.


God is ______.

I learned that ______.

I will ______.



3. Just do it one day at a time.


Keeping an appointment with God daily is the most important in the followers' lives, but it is not easy unless we are trained.  

Just do it today.  

When tomorrow comes, just do it again. Like little babies follow the footsteps of their parents, we will follow Christ into godliness, true greatness in holy lifestyle.

Following Christ!


Following Christ begins with leaving.

He will transform your life

in a real way.

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